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method of freezing with every consumption of lemons

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method of freezing with every consumption of lemons
"A new study showed for the first tim how limonoids, natural compounds in lemons and other citrus fruits, both cancer cells grow you and ER-and ER + breast cancer. This on the importance of a new citrus light in the prevention of breast cancer and previous studies poses supports that show that consuming fruits can reduce the risk of breast cancer. " diet n food.
Moreover, it is extremely important that throw away any part of the lemon. Instead, only buy organic lemons, wash them and place them in the freezer.

Once you freeze, you can use the whole fruit, stripped without grating before or crush.

Then you can sprinkle your soups, pasta, desserts, salads, cereals, and so on. This will enrich the taste of food and provide many health benefits.

Lemon peels contain 5-10 times more nutrients than lemon juice and can be useful for detoxifying the body.

Lemons are very useful fruits and can be used in the treatment of diseases and many diseases.

What has been confirmed by numerous studies that lemon frozen as treatment of cysts are also treat remarkable bacterial and fungal infections because of its strong antimicrobial properties, regulate the treatment of depression, blood pressure, eliminate internal parasites and Worms and stress and reduce nervous disorders,

All of this information has been revealed by one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world.

Therefore, do not hesitate to freeze the lemons and enjoy its many health benefits. You are solely responsible for their own health, so be sure to keep it!