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New Nail designs and colors are always coming around and it's time we change up our nail designs. Despite mainstream minimalism, nail artists know that what is “in” is cyclical.“People who are considered socially important — editors, models and artists — started wearing crazy nail art, so it became fashionable, even though 20 years before that it had been considered tacky,” said Lisa Logan, 

who has worked with adonna,  Katy Perry and Beyoncé (she did the singer’s chrome nails in the 2008 “Single Ladies” video).Trend spotters would do well to look to the nail aficionado. She is the woman eagerly awaiting next month’s Tokyo Nail Expo, the grandest of all nail trade shows in the nail capital of the world. She is the technician who has just perfected her aquarium nail, an acrylic with a liquid-filled tip resembling a snow globe.       
That techinque bubbled into consciousness this summer, but has been well known in nail circles for at least four years.                                                                                                        


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